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Emily dickinson

Emily Dickinson


Part One: Life


Faith is a fine invention
For gentlemen who see;
But microscopes are prudent
In an emergency!

Part Three: Love


WE outgrow love like other things  
   And put it in the drawer,  
Till it an antique fashion shows  
   Like costumes grandsires wore.

Part Three: Love


SHE rose to his requirement, dropped
The playthings of her life
To take the honorable work
Of woman and of wife.

If aught she missed in her new day
Of amplitude, or awe,
Or first prospective, or the gold
In using wore away,

It lay unmentioned, as the sea
Develops pearl and weed,
But only to himself is known
The fathoms they abide.



A Prison gets to be a friend—
Between its Ponderous face
And Ours—a Kinsmanship express—
And in its narrow Eyes—

We come to look with gratitude
For the appointed Beam
It deal us—stated as our food—
And hungered for—the same—

We learn to know the Planks—
That answer to Our feet—
So miserable a sound—at first—
Nor ever now—so sweet—

As plashing in the Pools—
When Memory was a Boy—
But a Demurer Circuit—
A Geometric Joy—

The Posture of the Key
That interrupt the Day
To Our Endeavor—Not so real
The Check of Liberty—

As this Phantasm Steel—
Whose features—Day and Night—
Are present to us—as Our Own—
And as escapeless—quite—

The narrow Round—the Stint—
The slow exchange of Hope—
For something passiver—Content
Too steep for lookinp up—

The Liberty we knew
Avoided—like a Dream—
Too wide for any Night but Heaven—
If That—indeed—redeem—

Part Four: Time and Eternity


If I should die,
And you should live,
And time should gurgle on,
And morn should beam,
And noon should burn,
As it has usual done;
If birds should build as early,
And bees as bustling go,—
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
'Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with daisies lie,
That commerce will continue,
And trades as briskly fly.
It make the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene,
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene!

Part One: Life


A DOOR just opened on a street—
   I, lost, was passing by—
An instant’s width of warmth disclosed,
   And wealth, and company.
The door as sudden shut, and I,
   I, lost, was passing by,—
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
   Enlightening misery

A still —Volcano —Life —
That flickered in the night —
When it was dark enough to do
Without erasing sight —

A quiet —Earthquake Style —
Too subtle to suspect
By natures this side Naples —
The North cannot detect

The Solemn —Torrid —Symbol —
The lips that never lie —
Whose hissing Corals part —and shut —
And Cities —ooze away —

Part One: Life


READ, sweet, how others strove,
Till we are stouter;
What they renounced,
Till we are less afraid;

How many times they bore
The faithful witness,
Till we are helped,
As if a kingdom cared!

Read then of faith
That shone above the fagot;
Clear strains of hymn
The river could not drown;

Brave names of men
And celestial women,
Passed out of record
Into renown

Part One: Life


THIS is my letter to the world,
    That never wrote to me,—
The simple news that Nature told,
    With tender majesty.
Her message is committed
    To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
    Judge tenderly of me!

Part Four: Time and Eternity


I heard a fly buzz when I died;
   The stillness round my form
Was like the stillness in the air
   Between the heaves of storm.

The eyes beside had wrung them dry,
   And breaths were gathering sure
For that last onset, when the king
   Be witnessed in his power.

I willed my keepsakes, signed away
   What portion of me I
Could make assignable,—and then
   There interposed a fly,

With blue, uncertain, stumbling buzz,
   Between the light and me;
And then the windows failed, and then
   I could not see to see.


Part One: Life


I’M nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there ’s a pair of us—don’t tell!
They ’d banish us, you know.
How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!



A Planted Life—diversified
With Gold and Silver Pain
To prove the presence of the Ore
In Particles—'tis when

A Value struggle—it exist—
A Power—will proclaim
Although Annihilation pile
Whole Chaoses on Him—